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Polk Audio 70-RT in-Ceiling Speaker - The Vanishing Series with Surprisingly Big Sound.

Excellent ceiling speakers if you are discerning about sound quality. I am not a Polk devotee at all. My regular speakers are, shall we say, more esoteric. But these have raised my estimation of Polk! Often in ceiling speakers sound awful, tinny, or boomy, etc. But these have a very sweet and smooth midrange (which is key); likely due to the fact that unlike almost all other in-ceiling speakers in this price range, it has 3 drivers, one for mid-range so it does not have to compromise mid-range for bass response.

Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2R1rzuy

And it has good tight bass (not HUGE base, but proper bass); this is likely due to the design of the woofer and the housing, which is also pretty unique and allows it to be larger and resonate more than typical 6.5" sized ceiling speakers. I used two of these in 15x20 ft space that is open all three sides and they produce plenty of sound. Easily driven by a 20 watt amp. No enclosure in the ceiling required. Sound great just in the ceiling cavity. One note, these are quite deep and heavy relative compared to other ceiling speakers of this size. Pay attention to the dimensions to make sure they fit in your ceiling space. Also note, price is for ONE. So they are a step up in price. But at least three steps up in quality. Strongly recommend these.

Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2R1rzuy

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